She also cares about her family and respects them. In the end, she is pushed safely back to shore but very angry; however, it's not at the Lion Guard but the jackals for calling their enemies for help and chases them in anger. Reirei Reirei es un chacal que es la antagonista principal de los episodios de The Lion Guard "The Kupatana Celebration", "Too Many Termites" y "Babysitter Bunga". Alignment But when the jackals charge at them, they use their flatulence to ward them away. When the Kupatana begins, the jackals attack, with Reirei in the lead and Dogo at her side. The Lion Guard: Desire of the Soul by Squilfstar 1.1K 71 13 The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is … Dogo is a jackal cub, the son of Reirei and Goigoi and a supporting antagonist in The Lion Guard episodes "The Kupatana Celebration" and "Babysitter Bunga". Black-backed Jackals are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe. Her chest is marked with several paler spots. Reirei and her family are confirmed to be still living in Kilio Valley along with the crocodiles. The Lion Guard takes Dogo to the Pride Lands, not knowing that Reir, The jackal pups do as their mother says, choosing to sleep in the aardvarks' dens, much to the irritation of their former inhabitants. Before leaving, she orders Goigoi to make himself useful and find some food. Legends of The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Kion sends Fuli, Bunga, and Ono to stop Reirei, while he and Beshte deal with the hyenas. Reirei steps outside of her den, sniffs the air and realizes that she can detect the delicious scent of aardwolves. He goes to fetch their other sons, whilst Reirei begins to think of all the animals she can feast upon.The Lion Guard takes Dogo to the Pride Lands, not knowing that Reirei and Goigoi are following them, and tell him that he may stay on a hillside before splitting up to patrol the Pride Lands. Ella es la matriarca inteligente y tramposa de una familia de chacales que planean causar estragos en las Tierras del Reino durante la ceremonia del Kupatana. The fur along his back is long and scruffy, and his cheeks are distinctively rounder than Reirei's. They return to the Outlands and partake in some more training, and Reirei decides that her kids are ready to return to the Pride Lands. Excited, she attempts to awaken Goigoi, who, though first very sleepy, leaps awake at the word aardwolf, as Reirei predicted he would. The Story of Mbweha and Reirei is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of Legends of the Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pride Lands, and the twenty-seventh episode overall. Reirei is shown watching her son Dogo fool the Lion Guard into permitting him to enter the Pride Lands. Good (formerly bad) ITA - Duration: 0:54. Reirei, Goigoi and some other adult jackals find a missing calf who has strayed in the Outlands. Her underbelly, muzzle and feet are beige, her nose is black, and her eyes are green. Reirei is a fairly slender jackal, with tan fur which is lighter than her mate Goigoi and black markings across her back and legs as well as on the top of her head. She is one of the three tertiary antagonists in The Lion Guard, with Shupavu and Mzingo. When Kion, Fuli, and Ono arrive to sort, Later, as the jackal family walks through the Pride Lands, Reirei decides that they should help themselves to more of the Pride Landers' generosity. Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Simba, Ogopa, Mjomba, Haya, Muhimu, Hamu, Young Rhino, Juhudi, Tamaa, Makini, Ma Tembo, Mtoto, Zito, Mbweha, Zigo, Jasiri, Madoa, Jasiri's Clan (All formerly), Scar, Kenge, Shupavu, Kiburi, Ushari, Mzingo, Mwoga, Sumu. Reirei is a clever, scheming, and manipulative female black-backed jackal from the Pride Lands in the Outlands and antagonist from The Lion Guard who is the matriarch of a family of jackals, including her mate Goigoi and her children. Meaning Female Reirei and her family corner the Lion Guard Sometime after Scar is summoned, Reirei and her family join him. The Lion Guard Kion meets Reirei and Goigoi (Swedish) Cartoon Sweden Loading... Unsubscribe from Cartoon Sweden? Flattery (Rairai) Name His back and tail tip are black, with four pale white spots near his shoulder. Reirei has been described as "scheming".She is cunning and devious, and has a knack for faking pleasantry and kindness, a skill that she teaches to her pups. She was a member of Scar's army. Kion, Beshte, and Ono catapult some nearby fruits across to them. Reirei has been described as "scheming". Later, she fights with one of Kiburi's crocodiles and one of Mzingo's vultures for the leadership of the valley. The Lion Guard: Il Ritorno Del Ruggito - Sigla Finale | E' in arrivo la Lion Guard! They corner the Lion Guard over a platform above the volcano, but Kion uses his Roar to push back Kenge, Ushari and the skinks. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Outlands D&D Beyond Reirei Reirei's pack is a group of jackals who live in the Outlands under the leadership of their matriarch, Reirei. When the pangolins land, they uncurl. After scolding her youngsters for playing with them, Fuli and Ono arrive. Reirei is a fairly slender jackal, with tan fur and black markings across her back and legs as well as on the top of her head. [1] She is cunning and devious, and has a knack for faking pleasantry and kindness, a skill that she teaches to her pups. Reirei tries to talk her way out of it once more, but Simba roars angrily at her, and the jackal family flees.