GOLDEN SHOWROOM #1. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Sony Computer Entertainment or Insomniac Games. Answer Save. This page is a list of all gold bolt locations in Ratchet & Clank. While "Ratchet & Clank" focuses primarily on third-person action, the game features a number of mini-games, such as hoverboard races, to give it some variety. After a short while you will reach a small room with the Gold Bolt inside. Head along this route and go through gates. There are also special Gold Bolts that you can find. The breach in the wall leading to a Gold Bolt. When you finish the game you play agian and on the frist planet you can fly back too. What are the gold bolts for? Members. Swim a little further until you reach a corridor that is divided into two parts - the first leading along the wall on the left side, and the second one on the right side, going downwards. After you climb up the stairs leading to the train station, turn to the right (instead of going left, where the train is), where a large square box can be found. Grab it and get out! A wall blocking the secret passage to the Gold Bolt. You must now get there. Jump on top of the pillars that contained the force field a second ago. Additionally, those allow you to configure your game in some extent - be it the appearance of the main character or some of the elements of the environment, or the possibility to make the game easier. This bolt can be acquired after the encounter with Mrs. Zurkon. You now must get back to the room in which you've fought with the robots and pick up a single bomb. Jump through the swamp and head straight ahead, sticking to the wall on the right side. Climb on top of them and use the handrails on the right side of them to get to the upper floor. Collecting Gold Bolts will give you various benefits. The starting point to the second Gold Bolt path. Inside of the square platform there's the last bolt on this planet. Afterwards, collect the Gold Bolt. Ratchet and Clank on PS4 is a game that includes a lot of collectible items. Get back on the platform you've fought the boss on. Jump down, eliminate the enemies and use the elevator to get to the upper floor. Gold bolts are one of the three things that you can collect and / or solve in Ratchet & Clank. For acquiring all 28 of them you will be given the Ultimate Explorer trophy. How do you trade gold bolts in ratchet and clank? The Gold Bolt is located at the end of this elevated track. Climb up the wall to reach the top of the rock and collect the Gold Bolt located there. When you start your journey on Batalia, head along the street until you reach a Trespasser Terminal on the left side of the route. Similar to bolt #19, this one can be acquired after the encounter with Mrs. Zurkon. Registration and login are coming shortly. What are they for? After collecting the treasure, stand on the edge and locate a small island, on which a single palm tree is growing. This Gold Bolt cannot be missed - you must collect it in order to complete the fitness course. If you want to collect the second Gold Bolt, start from the place shown on the above screenshot. Winning first place in both hoverboard races is necessary to get the Holo-guise, an item essential to completing the game. To get there, activate menu and select the "Extras" option. You must jump off the edge with the traffic and glide into the tunnel. Gold Bolt #4 can be found on the other side of the ledge above after the escalator. There will be two brains to collect here as well, so there's a chance you've already collected the bolt. Resurface on the other side and climb up the rocks to reach solid ground. Number Of Bolts: 2 1) In the room with the Gadgetron Vendor before the boss fight with the Lizard King, on the right side of the room, hold R1 and jump, then grab onto the ledge above. Now transform the third bot into a Springbot and set it up at the end of the bridge you've just created. The last Gold Bolt on this planet can be found in the north-eastern part of the location, on a lone, square platform from which a stream of lava erupts. You should be able to go through it now. To access it, you need to retrieve the 3 bots, use one to jump onto the platform located near the bolt, another one to create a bridge leading to the grate and a final one to jump to reach it. Get on the second ramp and use it to enter the chimney-like tunnel - you can do so a lot faster by simply activating the Jetpack when you start descending, which will cause you to fall down to the bottom of the said chimney. They unlock extras and allow you to use cheats using infinite ammo, although, it may or may not affect your trophies so be careful. There's a Gold Bolt here. Tweet Name- Brad Alonzo Email- [email protected] Date Submitted-11/6/03 Ratchet and Clank Ok, I will start with the first planet, Novalis: Planet Novalis- 1) At the end of the cave, look for a bomb wall just before unscrewing the gate. Run on top of the magnetic ramp and head to the other side of it, destroying bombs and avoiding traps along the way. What is the melee attack in ratchet and clank? Before you use them to power up the electromagnet, transform one of them to a Springbot and set it up to the left of the coils (right next to the elevation with the third robot). Dive under it and head to the left - there will be Gold Bolt located underneath a ring-like object. The second bolt can be acquired during the hoverboard race (of any rank). Jump through another swamp, head to the right and jump through another trap. Gold bolts are one of the three things that you can collect and / or solve in Ratchet & Clank. The room visible in the distance hides a secret button. The last bolt on this planet can be collected during the hoverboard race (of any rank). The achievement you gain for collecting all of them aside, each one of them gives you access to new options from the menu. Jump into the water and swim to the island-like object. which gold bolt are you referring to? Don't miss on the Raritarium deposit located behind the mechanism. Before you use the mechanism located inside the area the two tanks came from, head left (looking from the side you came from) and go through a small breach in the wall. Finding all locations unlocks the Ultimate Explorer trophy. On the PS3 re-release of the original Ratchet & Clank trilogy, one of the achievements is to earn 1 million bolts. Stand next to the Trespasser terminal again. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. In the very last room of Clank's segment (where you need to use 3 bots to power up some generators), a gold bolt can be seen behind a grate directly to your left when you enter the area. Everything will be flooded, but because of the mentioned mask you don't have to worry about running out of air. Ratchet and Clank 1 easy way of getting bolts? Wait for the lava to stop erupting from the platform and quickly collect the bolt with your Jetpack. Collecting Gold Bolts will give you various benefits. Scroll down to read our guide named "Gold Bolt Locations" for Ratchet And Clank on PlayStation 2 (PS2), or click the above links for more cheats. When you're back on solid ground, head to the left and eliminate all the enemies. Head to the first raft you used with Felton Razz, the one located near your ship. Collect all of it, get back to the stairway and head to the left to continue your journey. Get back to the place where you've spoken with Skidd and head towards the area where sandsharks where. More on that topic can be found in the "What you can gain by collecting Gold Bolts?" Destroy the tank, go through the bridge, but don't go to the left yet. Some of these collectibles can only be reached with certain gadgets. T.O. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. There's a button located inside of this area. About halfway through the mountains you will see a small room with the treasure you are looking for, although you will not be able to reach it from here. Turn to the right and grab onto the handrail on the wall - thanks to that you will be able to travel to the right and collect the Gold Bolt you just saw. For acquiring all 28 of them you will be given the Ultimate Explorer trophy. To collect the second bolt on this planet, head to the place marked on the above screenshot. Online. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Sony Computer Entertainment or Insomniac Games. Climb up the ledges and continue straight ahead, eliminating the enemies on your way. How do you use them? All Gold Bolt locations. You need the O2 Mask: as Ratchet, take the path you had to use as Clank and go along the path until you see the possibility to … Continue your journey along the wall on the right side. Go to the end of the tunnel while avoiding the yellowish-green liquid everywhere and there will be the gold bolt. On planet Quartu near the giant clank pad there's a door with a lock mechanism which I'd assume is unlocked via trespasser, the problem is there's no green mark on the floor that you get for other tresspasser doors & no matter which angle I try from, I can't get the trespasser to work. When you reach the end of it, jump high into the air and head directly in front, to land in a green lit tunnel. When you have it, get back to planet Rilgar and head to the sewers (to the left from the ship). Attachment points for your harpoon will appear above the ground - use them to get to a new terrain. Do so and pick up a Gold Bolt from the roof. These are much rarer and aren’t used for weapon upgrades at all. This bolt can be acquired at the same place you get the Hydrodisplacer from, the gadget used to pump out water from reservoirs. Stand right in the middle of the platform where you fought the boss and direct the camera to south-west, in the direction of an entrance with an orange outline. Collecting more and more bolts will unlock more advanced options. After you're done with the enemies, stand in the middle of the arena in such a way, that you have the entrance of the tunnel you've come from behind your back. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. It is intended to host content related to the series and provide a place of discussion for fans of the games. Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus Mega Guide: Gold Bolts, Ryno Plans, Keys Locations And Trophies. How do you use a gold bolt in rachet and clank? A tunnel marked with the red circle where the bolt can be found. Jump on top of a small ledge with three boxes on it, destroy them, and continue straight ahead. 2 Answers. 19.3k. 2) You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. There are 28 gold bolts in the game and each one of them is in a tricky location. The third and the last Gold Bolt on this planet is visible from the place you collected the previous one. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. All Gold Bolts in Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus are yours! A complete guide for Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus. To collect it, climb up the box (you must use the Helipack again, by pressing R1 while standing still). Answer. 39 40 41. Before you continue your journey, however, stand at the end of the arena (where a number of boxes containing healing can be found) and direct camera towards the lit pillar (as shown on the above screenshot). Jump across the moving platforms to reach the last Gold Bolt in the game. cause there are three. The Gold Bolt is located on the elevated part of the track. Instead, go to the right, climb up the ledges and jump to the other side. The last bolt is located in the room with giant statues. Favorite Answer. Eliminate the enemies, destroy the explosive boxes and use another attachment point with your harpoon to get next to the wall on the left side. If you have problems with reaching the wall, head to the "Gold Bolt" section of this guide where a video showing the process can be found. Cheats require you to acquire most of them. If you have the necessary gadget, head to the right from the hangar and then straight ahead, in the direction of a high magnetic ramp leading upwards. Soon you should reach another Gold Bolt. Gold Bolts give you access to additional configuration options. Finding every gold bolt in the game unlocks fun cheats and alternative costumes for Ratchet and Clank, and allows you to check out other areas of the Insomniac Museum, a nice monument to the game's developer. There are 28 Gold Bolts in Ratchet & Clank (2016 PS4 Remake). Afterwards, activate the mechanism. A terminal with the Trespasser Puzzle can be found there - the proper arrangement of lasers can be seen on the above screenshot. Ratchet and Clank has a lot of collectibles and gold bolts should be familiar to anybody who has played these games before. I've already completed the game (thrice), gotten all gold bolts, gold weapons, and the R.Y.N.O, so the only expenses I have at the moment is the occasional storyline spend (upgrades to Clank) and some ammo if the Gadgetron crates aren't restocking me quick enough.