Robert Farley (quoted A.H., xxiii. Compatible: Nit-ac., Sabin. Goullon.) Thuja in fractional doses and Thuja painted on cured permanently in three weeks. Upper lip sensitive. Patient slept well from the first dose, and in a few days the urine became clear. At eight he had shingles. (Nit-ac. Thuja Occidentalis is accessible as OTC (over-the-counter) in many forms. As if skin were pricked with needles. Mersch (H. M., xxx. Overlifting worse headache. Sel. 387) relates a case of persistent cough cured with Thuja. He had been twice vaccinated, but on the second occasion the arm did not "rise." Vertigo, as from motion of a swing. The Sepia ‘type’ is more commonly found in women where there is a tendency to exhaustion through overexerting themselves, particularly when trying to find a balance between career and motherhood. It was situated about the posterior edge of the parietal bone, was devoid of sensation, and the hair had disappeared from it, making it very conspicuous. By "vaccinosis" Burnett means the disease known as vaccinia, the result of vaccination, plus "that profound and often long-lasting morbid constitutional state engendered by the vaccine virus." Mouth. Bread has a dry and bitter taste. Two doses of the 200th and one of the 15th were taken. A homoeopath typically spends 90 minutes in the first consultation gathering information about your symptoms; not just the chief complaint (which may be eczema), but also your other problems past and present (such as allergies, asthma, headaches etc). As if anus would fly to pieces during stool. (Lauro., left half with loss of speech), Semp. Neck, cracking in. As if a nail driven in right parietal bone and left frontal eminence. Thuja 10M continued at intervals. Scalp as if beaten. Castor is the product of an animal which subsists on the bark of resinous trees. Nervous, sycotic, or syphilitic headaches. Patients needing Sepia also tend to want to escape from their situation especially if it has become too dominated by chores! Painful stitch through center of left eye, commencing in center of brain. Nausea and uneasiness in region of stomach. Finally it was found that if they were taken up and put on the closet they would urinate and then go to sleep readily. Indigestion. Appetite for cold drinks and food. Gums swollen (inflamed, with dark red streaks on them), with pain of excoriation. Hurried, with ill-humor, talks hastily. (Flat black wart on right parietal region. (3) Lax muscles, light hair, children. Wart on upper lip. Nose red and hot. Or on the other hand there can be waterlogged tissues, oedema and weight gain. Motion aggravates. The effects of chronic vaccinosis are protean. In 1889 I was consulted by Mr. A., 38, about a lump, or rather two lumps, in the right breast, which was like that of a girl approaching puberty, the left breast being quite flat and normal. In the early stage it may be itchy, red, have small blisters, and be swollen, and weeping. They need the physical exertion to try and snap them out of the lethargic state. The objects appear smaller before the right eye. Hammering and tearing in ear, in evening, in bed, with frequent emission of urine, and coldness in legs and feet. Tincture of the fresh green twigs. These facts open up another great branch of Thuja’s homoeopathicity – its anti-vaccinal action. Warts. Imbecility after vaccination, restless, drivelling. Perspiration, smelling of honey (sweetish), on uncovered parts of head (face and hands), with dryness of the covered parts, and of those on which one lies, mostly when first going to sleep, better after rising. "Nocturnal seminal emission" is an emphasized symptom in M. M.P. It is also useful in treating seizures, hiccoughs, jerks, spasms, tics or convulsions such as those found in epilepsy. Mental dejection. Eczema is a chronic skin disease causing the skin to ‘boil out’. Malignant balanorrhoea. For acute problems you could try self-prescribing but for long term chronic problems like eczema you should consult a professional homeopath; you can find registered homeopaths at or come and see one of the homeopaths at the School’s Homeopathy Clinic in Stroud. Lightning-like headache. Craves salt. Effects of fat food, Ipec., Carb-v., Puls. Myopia. Fat meat. Their energy is flat; they become listless and detached, even averse to family members. As if a tape prevented urination. Left ovarian pains, Colo., Bry., Phos. Ozena. R.T.C.) Two hours after being put to bed they would wake kicking, crying, and refusing to answer a question. The effect of the dose she described thus: "After having taken the Thuja I tasted a sweet repose, the next morning a complete transformation had taken place in the head, the weight was gone, the eyes were more fresh, the brain free." The Arbor Vitae assumes a conical form with such true lines as to appear ‘clipped,’ thus forming one of our most valued high-hedge trees" (Millspaugh). In one month there was much reduction, Thuja was repeated, and in little over two months the wart was gone. (Ozena. Syph., Psor., Sul., Merc. Antidoted by: Cham. This can be used to treat for eczema with pus. Dull, stupefying, headache. H.N.G. Mental depression after childbirth. At that time it was the size of a mighty tree, but in order to survive evolutionary change it has diminished in size to a delicate plant. The leaves were also used in preparing a decoction for treating cold, congestion, uterine carcinomas, intestinal parasites, cystitis, fever, headache and stomach pain. Head feels empty, as in intoxication, especially in morning, with nausea. Pemphigus. Moreover, the patient had lost an oppression of the chest which had been troubling him some time. (by dryness, Lyc., Hdfb., Nat-m.). Appetite. Lachrymation, especially in left eye, when walking in open air (the tears do not run off, but remain standing in the eye). The spots continued to appear for a week and then disappeared. After receiving the Thuja the extreme sensitiveness of the teeth disappeared in one night, then the offensive odor of the semen. Clouded sight, when reading, with sensation of drowsiness. (Vascular deafness with scurfy head. Ascending causes palpitation. Zeit. Ganglion. It loves swamps, it is Hahnemann’s typical antisycotic and Grauvogl’s hydrogenoid. Completely cover the rash with fresh clean clothing so that it does not transfer to other parts of the body or to other people. As if head were screwed asunder. Talking worse asthma. As if vertex were pressed with a needle. The pain compels the patient to lie down, but lying on left side aggravates. Throat. Mucous patches. Pressure improves. They are very sensitive, feeling types who are easily moved to tears by their favourite music or an emotional film, and suffer from a poor short-term memory. A feeling of upward pressure in soft palate. Throwing head back better headache. As a small boy his hands were covered with warts. 3. Aversion to touch or approach, Ant-c. (Thuja on account of fixed ideas). Mercury. Clavus. One of the children developed signs incipient inflammation of the left hip-joint. The fluid which he drinks falls into the stomach with a gurgling noise. Considerable swelling of salivary gland, with increased saliva in mouth. Shootings in temples. Coniferae (Tribe, Cupresineae). Pop. Burnett (H. W., xxv. Smell in nose as from brine of fish, or of fermenting beer. These were still present three years after, though smaller and softer. Eruption of pimples on lips and chin. This type … Ussher.) Permanent and fast treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum. The symptoms are: worse By touch (scalp, vertex, eruption, anus, condylomata, causes fingers to bleed), but better pain in eyebrow and in left malar bone. Moroseness and peevishness. Boring pressing in head. It is found in yellow crystal form around volcanic vents or fumaroles, where the heated gas has cooled and sublimated, and in liquid form in active volcanoes… This type of person may have his head in the clouds; he is an intellectual, and burns with high-minded ideas, plans and philosophies. This patient had for months been attending on a paralysed sister, frequently getting up in the night and worrying herself about numberless things. This may in fact be a compensation for an inner feeling of weakness or a lack of self confidence. A very much vaccinated lady developed at the climacteric indurations in both breasts, especially the right. Anus, fistula in, fissure of. Ranula. Thuja Occidentalis – Beneficial Homeopathic Medicine for Seborrheic Eczema with White Flakes on Scalp. Vomiting of acid serum and of food. This is related to the general paretic weakness of Thuja. In veterinary practice Thuja has proved curative in farcy and in "grease." The remedy also strongly affects the digestion and is well-suited to overweight (or emaciated) patients. Condylomata large, like cock’s comb, Euphras. They are very aggravated by fatty foods, and have a low point around 3pm when the blood sugar levels are at their lowest. Teste found Colch. Subsequent observers have only confirmed or added to Hahnemann’s pathogenesis. Homeopathy Remedy Thuja Occidentalis (Thuj) Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Bulimia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Condylomata, Depression, Eczema, Gonorrhoea, Flat, white ulcers on the inside of the lips, and on the corners of the mouth. Antidote to: Merc., Sul., Iod., Nux-v.       Complementary: Med., Sabin., Sil., Nat-s. in sycosis. Scratching improves. Granular lids with wart-like granulations. The hair may be dry in such cases. As if skin of anus were cracked and chapped. R.T.C.) It has a broad remedial action, and is also useful for morning sickness, hormonal complaints, painful menstruation and hot flushes during the menopause. (fever), Camph., Merc., Puls., Sul. (Headache, as if a tight hoop encircled forehead up till noon, eyelids heavy as lead. Inflammation of cornea. Bladder as if paralysed. Worse blowing nose (pain in side of teeth). Tongue, ulcers of, biting of. Polypus. As if eyes were swollen and would be pressed out of head. Stomach. Epulis. This child’s father had gonorrhoea, treated by injection, some years before the patient was born. In four months the youth was almost cured, in five months entirely so, the hair having grown again completely over is spot. Edematous erysipelas of face. Indigenous to northeastern parts of North America, Thuja essential oil is claimed to be first used by the American Indians for treating insomnia, gout, cold, dandruff and eczema. Unable to eat breakfast (a keynote of Burnett’s). p., Tic douleureux, Spi., Coccin. Sensation as if whole body very thin and delicate and could not resist least attack, as if continuity of body would be dissolved. Dropsically bloated face. Ears. Convulsions. has more aching in bones, especially when not covered with muscles). Indisposition to any kind of intellectual labor. Neuralgia going from before backward. Frequent epistaxis, especially after being over-heated. This plant is also known as white cedar and is generally grown as an ornamental plant. If I wished to think of something sensible, in the twinkling of an eye I lost the thread of my ideas. The indurations disappeared, but in the course of the cure an eruption closely resembling small-pox developed over her breasts on more than one occasion. Burnett gives the case of an infant ten weeks old, whom he was called to see as it was supposed to be dying. Epulis. Slowness of speech and of reflection, seeking for words when in conversation. Long filiform condylomata, Staph. Morvan’s disease. Pulsation in temples. Ear, polypus of. Sensation of heat and of dryness in external canthi. Teeth decay at roots, Mez. Aggravates from wet applications. Orifice of left meatus blocked up by a polypus, of raspberry-cellular vessels, pale red, bleeding readily when touched, muco-purulent discharge, deafness, shooting pains. (the discharge of Puls. Intussusception. Available 5C-30C, 200C, 1X-30X, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH, Q R. B. Johnstone (H. P., ix. Privacy Policy There is severe cutting as with a knife at the end of micturition after the last drop has passed. Before my eyes images and statues arranged themselves. Mersch proved Thuja on himself and some others: (1) M.N. Oozing from the right ear, smelling like putrid meat. As of a single drop running along urethra. Styes, tarsal tumours, chalazae, thick and hard knots. When he was given a second dose the following night he has observed new symptoms: "Thuja in fact has a very marked action on sleep, and its symptoms appear by preference at night the headache, for example." My head and eyes pained me when there was much movement, as when several people were speaking at once." Sepia is a remedy prepared from the ink of a cuttlefish; a fascinating sea creature in the cephalopod group. Pressure in scrobiculus after a meal, with pain when touched. Inflammatory softening of inner surface of lids. However, most kids get eczema at one point or another, causing their skin to break out in to itchy, red patches. t. Piles worse sitting, Lyc. Joints, cracking in. Thuja is a strongly left-sided medicine (the left arm is usually vaccinated). Painful scabs in nose. Short-sighted. No more headache, nor fear. These symptoms can come-on after a head injury. Headache in morning, as after stooping, or after too profound a sleep, with redness of the face. Asked if they wanted to urinate they would refuse to answer, strike at attendant, or even say "No." It abounds in the upper zones of North America, from Pennsylvania northwards, where it "often forms what are commonly known as cedar-swamps. Looking up better headache. Eczema comes out on glabella (after Thuja 30) – R.T.C.). The skin remained clear in spite of the patient indulging in all kinds of previously forbidden foods. Worse sun, bright light. Old-school observers (N.A. Fungus on left lower jaw, more angry in damp weather      Swelling of submaxillary glands. Lightness in body when walking. There may be a flareup during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding especially if there are other stresses at the time, such as increased emotional demands. I gave her Thuja 1M. The animal is a supreme escape artist, using camouflage and it’s cloud of ink to escape from predators. Circumscribed burning redness of cheeks. Cold better rheumatism. Itching and gnawing in scalp. This homeopathic medicine for eczema is often indicated for eczema on the bends of the extremities; Excoriation between the thighs and about genitals; Aggravate from wet applications. Compare: Constitutional polychrests, Med. Graph. Worse after breakfast, after eating, after tea, coffee, fat food, onions. Sycotic eruptions, Sars. Teeth crumble, turn yellow, Syph. Abdomen. Vertigo when closing eyes, Lach., Ther. As if boiling lead were passed through rectum. (2) When babies cry much the umbilicus protrudes, growing red and sore, especially when the father has a sycotic history. As if flesh were being torn from bones in left side and back. Swelling of tonsils and throat. Goullon (Leip. Red eruption on nose, at times humid. Phimosis, Cann-s., Merc., Sul., Nit-ac., Sep., Rhus, Sabi. The homeopathic remedy Thuja occidentalis is produced from the ornamental shrub of the same name (commonly called Eastern Arborvitae, Northern Whitecedar or Tree of Life), and usually used for garden hedges.The mother strain is obtained by collecting some of this plant’s twigs, ideally in the spring. Red chancroid sores, Coral. Ozena in sycotics, Kali-bi. Mix one dropperful of a thuja tincture with a … (Better Ign.). It has a profound effect on the physiology of the human body, especially in the fluid systems; resulting in dehydration and weight loss through increased salt loss through the kidneys and skin. Boenninghausen found Thuja both preventive and curative in an epidemic of small-pox. Rickets. It may start at any age but the onset is often in childhood. As if abdominal muscles were being pushed out by arm of a child. Thuja 30 was given in infrequent doses. Phlyctenular conjunctivitis of left eye, with violent pain across forehead and in outer side of eyeball, constantly recurrent from childhood and due to suppressed eruption. Vascular tumour of cornea. It aborted the process and prevented pitting. Diplopia. “An exhaustive study of homeopathic remedies for Eczema“, this is the title of an article I just stumbled across. Gonorrhoea. Headache. Homeopathy has a proven track record in helping alleviate chronic symptoms. Pressure in eyes, and smarting, as if sand were in them. Feet, fetid. "Arbor Vitoe: nomen omen," says Burnett on his title-page. R.T.C.) Feeling as if lids swollen, and a foreign body in eye. 446) relates the case of two children, age 5, who had what he graphically terms "urinary tantrums." Before going to sleep I felt a congestion in the head with headache, at the same time queer, confused ideas which changed like a flash and fell upon the most odd things. Thuja 30 was given, a dose every twenty days. Angina pectoris. Swelling in the alae nasi, with hardness and tension. Vaccinosis. Still today, Thuja is touted as the #1 homeopathic remedy to use for adverse vaccine reactions. The anti vaccinal action of Thuja is part of its antisycotic action: vaccinia is a sycotic disease. Onanism. Much headache, on left side of the head, throbbing in left temple, and the pains extend into left ear. She could no longer calm herself, and in addition she sneezed and coughed much. Thuja was given in 1M, 10M, and cm F. C. potencies. Villers (quoted A.H., xxi. His problem is that he cannot bring his theories or philosophies “in the air” down to earth… They have a strong tendency to be scruffy. Goullon cured a lady who had headache for a year, on waking felt as if a tight hoop enclosed of forehead, not passing away till noon. She had been revaccinated in the Marylebone Workhouse the day before she took charge of the patient. 225) relates experiences bearing on the sleep and dreams of Thuja. By November 15th the growths and all the rest of the symptoms had disappeared. This medication is a biologic that can help lower inflammation in the treatment of moderate-to-severe eczema. Extension aggravates. Rancid risings, especially after fat food. Abortion. The baby gradually improved the same day, and next morning was, though still pale, practically well, and the vaccinal vesicles on the nurse’s arm had withered. A small soft wart appeared at the external portion of right middle finger. ... * Thuja: Dry skin with brown, thick spots. Swelling and sensitiveness of breasts at menstrual period, Con. Worse three AM, early morning (the sycotic time). Ovary, left, pain in. The wet-nurse was questioned and declared herself quite well and looked it, but "her arm was a little painful." Three years before, the child had an abortive attack of scarlatina, treated with cold compresses. Fa, growth on. Alveolar periostitis where the pains come and go suddenly at short intervals (R.T.C.). Pressive headache, with shocks in forehead and temples. For those that would like to learn more for themselves, The School of Homeopathy produces an excellent First Aid Course. They are severe, sometimes burning, extend down thigh, any attempt at exercise and especially walking worse, they occur with every menstrual period, and are generally worse before and during the flow. Ptosis, lids fall down several times a day. The problem was to give her sleep and take away the pain in the head. Coffee. Thuja is specifically indicated for most cases of … Blowing of blood from nose. As if a nail were driven into right parietal bone and left frontal eminence. Purulent and itching pimples between eyebrows. Paralysis. Catalepsy. Prostate, disease of. Lycopodium is an ancient plant that evolved in the carboniferous era. Inflammatory swelling of lids, with hardness. A gentleman, about 50, consulted me recently about a wart on the right side of his head. Miss X., 19, fair, had for three months a painless, dry cough. The scalp is very painful to the touch, and the parts on which one lies. 63) have found in Thuja an efficient hemostatic, locally applied, especially after tooth extraction. Follows well: Med., Merc., Nit-ac. Stitches into ear from the neck. Sulphur. Fissure about anus, Nit-ac. Asthma. Thuja was introduced to France from Canada in the reign of Francis I. of France, and it has now an honored place in most of our gardens and shrubberies. R.T.C.) This homeopathic medicine for eczema is often indicated for eczema on the bends of the extremities. Toothache. As if flesh were beaten from bones. When unwell, they will usually prefer to avoid company, perhaps even declaring that they have ‘lost faith in humanity!’. Condylomata in eyebrows. Nocturnal agglutination of the lids. The remedy is prepared from the Calcium carbonate found in oyster shells. Swelling of tongue (especially on right side, bites tongue frequently), painful when touched. Dry skin conditions like eczema might also benefit from thuja application. Relations. Thuja cm was given on October 25th. This disappeared a month after the proving was ended. Ciliary neuralgia, Spig. The totality led to the selection of Thuja, which was given in the 200th. Hemorrhage. As if a convex button were pressed on left ear. The leaves also contain rhodoxanthin, amentoflavone, quercetin, myricetin, carotene, xanthophyll and ascorbic acid. I would like to quote Misha Norland, as he writes so eloquently about Sulphur! might have seemed an indication that the plant was the specific for sycosis and warts." Affections of tea-drinkers, Sep. Urinary affections, Canth. As a naturally growing, evergreen plant, Thuja Orientalis has been used to address numerous issues in traditional and complementary medicine. Over excited, quarrelsome, easily angered about trifles. Tearing in eyebrows. Legs as if made of wood when walking. Burnett found the vaccine eruption just turning into the pustular stage. Dreams much of falling. Tingling-biting, stinging-itching on the scalp, better by scratching. Thuja occidentalis. Warts and boils are common skin conditions spread through touch by viruses and bacteria. More than 6,500 patients took part in the six-year study with problems such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and chronic fatigue. Excoriation between the thighs and about genitals. Floating stripes. She never had a cough before. Hair, affections of. Vertigo when rising from a seat, or when lying down, or else when looking into the air. As if forehead would fall out. After a meal great indolence, or dejection, with anguish, and palpitation of the heart, or great inflation and sufferings from flatulence. Red and painful nodosities on margins of lids. Swelling of veins in temples. Clinical. The irritation was only in the throat. As if bones of head were being knocked to pieces. Eczema of the hairy parts. Vertigo on closing the eyes, disappears as soon as he opens them, or on stooping, or on looking upwards or sideways. Thuja occ. This information is synthesised into a whole picture of your health so that the most fitting natural remedy can be prescribed. Desires cold things, Phos. Hissing or singing of kettle in right ear, Lyc. Better bending head back, Seneg. Enuresis. Stool recedes after being partly expelled forcibly with much flatus, Alo. Pruritus, worse washing. Thuja 10X, one dose at bed time, permanently cured. 487) records a case of lichen urticatus in a boy of fourteen, which came into his hands after a long course of treatment, external, internal, and dietetic, at the hands of allopathic specialists without result. He found it ghastly white and in collapse. Taste: sweet, of rotten eggs, mornings. The left ovarian pains of Thuja are remarkable. See and discover other items: creams for eczema, best ointment for psoriasis, thuja occidentalis, zinc oxide ointment, Itch Creams, Psoriasis Medications Disclaimer : While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. (rapidly). ‘Eczema’ is a term which comes from the Greek word ‘to boil’ and is used to describe red, dry, itchy skin which can sometimes become weeping, blistered, crusted, scaling and thickened.”. Induration of stomach. The skin can become very dry, cracked, red, itchy and painful. Sweets. Their compacted shells produce the limestone we use to build our houses and they even create beautiful pearls. Eczema caused by the use of hair dyes. Condylomata. All Rights Reserved. Gnawing in (carious) teeth, with painful sensibility of whole side of head, greatly worse by contact with cold things, or by mastication. had rose-colored blotches on the back, and several days after leaving off the medicine had warts develop on the outer side of the root of the thumb. (nightly toothache): Coccul. Cramp in stomach, with excessive worse towards evening. As if whole body were very thin and delicate, as if its continuity would be dissolved, as if frail and easily broken, as if made of glass. Fluids roll audibly into stomach, Cup. Weakness and confusion of head, as from torpor, or paralysis of brain. Painful pressure at root of nose. Shootings in eyes, in a bright light, or in a keen air. Thoughtlessness, forgetfulness. (Spi. The desire of Thuja is sudden and urgent, it seems impossible to reach the vessel or make the necessary preparations, but the patient can control it if compelled. Cretinism, Bac., Thyr. Myopia. Graphite is a carbon compound (like diamond and coal) that is commonly used as the ‘lead’ in pencils. Riding causes incontinence of urine, worse pain in ovary. Natural History. Later it becomes crusted, scaly, and thickened. Anguish in scrobiculus, which extends upwards into head. The child is excessively obstinate. Fluent coryza, with cough and hoarseness. Pressure and pain as from excoriation, in throat and palate, during deglutition. Sanguineous, or bitter saliva. Headache from tea, Sel. The tumours had existed eighteen months and came on at a time of much anxiety when his wife died of consumption. Thuja is a strongly left-sided medicine (the left arm is usually vaccinated). R.T.C.). J.H.C.) Epithelioma of left lower lid. Twitching of the lips. The British Skin Foundation writes: “Atopic eczema is a very common skin condition due to skin inflammation. Wart-like excrescence on iris. Weakness of the eyes, obscure sight. Blowing from the nose of a large quantity of thick green mucus, mixed with pus and blood, later of dry, brown scales, with mucus, which comes from the frontal sinuses and firmly adheres to the swollen upper portion of the nostrils. Burnett quotes a case of vaccinal rash in an infant following the vaccination of its mother, who was nursing it. Lying on affected side better asthma. To this state Thuja is homeopathic, and therefore curative and preventive of it. A. W. Holcombe (Med. As a bivalve mollusc, oysters are one of the most primitive lifeforms as well as most sought after culinary delicacies! Light-brown blotches (freckles) on face. Pain as of excoriation in tip of tongue, when touched. While masticating food mouth becomes very dry. Balanitis. Ranula and epulis with excess of venosity everywhere (Ussher). As if something were grown fast in region of left lower ribs. Accumulation of mucus in posterior nares. He concluded that the infant was sucking the vaccinal poison with its nurse’s milk. As if boiling lead were passed through rectum. Neuralgia. Pains mostly came towards night, and were accompanied with an awful state of fear. As if skin of anus were cracked and chapped. Bladder as if paralysed. This is the case: Miss R., 40, complained of her head, especially at certain moments, when ideas which did not concern her in the least came to her as if some one else was thinking by her side. C. Sargent, of Chicago.). Worse by coitus. Excessively painful tenderness of left side of head, and also of the hair, at night, when lying down, and when touched. Imaginary congleet, gonorrhoeal rheumatism, orchitis, prostatitis, Puls. It grows upon the rocky banks of rivers, and in low, swampy spots, blossoming from May until June and maturing its fruit in autumn. Anxious apprehensions respecting the future. Old rheumatism attacking bowels, liver, and kidneys. Nails grow soft, Fl. It is particularly helpful for long-standing eczema affecting the nose, chin, behind the ears, and the genitals with very dry skin. As from fleabites. The American Arbor Vitae is a "spiry ever-green attaining a height of from 20 to 50 feet, though generally not above 40, and a diameter of about 10 to 20 feet through the greatest breadth of foliage." Pain in head as if a nail were driven into vertex (afternoon and three AM, worse when at rest, better after perspiration). He remarks that, following the advice of Kunkel, he gives only a single dose of Thuja, one or two drops of the tincture on sugar or milk, at bed time. (2) Led by this same symptom, "almost every night, dreams of falling from a height," Holcombe cured a man, 30, of tertian fever with Thuja cm when a large number of other seemingly well-indicated remedies had failed.